Saturday, February 13, 2010

RC Off-road 1989 Video

RC Off-road 1989 Video, Ton of RC10 Action in here, cool watch.  The Hobby Shop shown inspires me to try and build a time machine

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Winning Edge with "Jammin" Jay Halsey VHS

 Purchased the VHS a while ago on ebay, Alistair in the UK hooked me up and converted it for me to AVI files.. here is the complete set of videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MCE 1000 (1970) - Before Restoration

This car is a MCE 1000. It was manufactured by Model Car Enterprises in Brooklyn New York. The car could also be delivered with a body Porsche 917 and one of Ford WP. The price was of $249.95.  I'm not a huge fan of 1/8th scale cars, or onroad cars for that matter, but when a 40year old car pops up on ebay at a reasonable price I cant resist, the body is shot up a bit, but the car and underside of the chassis look mint, probably on ran a handful of times.  Its missing a few parts but im gonna restore it to running order and restore the hell out of the body.  Cast Aluminum wheels, aluminum mostly throughout, this is a great peice of RC History im glad to own. 

More Progress shown here:

Monday, October 12, 2009

RPM RC10 Conversion

Has this project for a while, just laid down some paint on the XX body and wanted to snap a few shots.  Parts are dyed black (i know i know, but they were black when i got them), but are all new.  Stealth Tranny, litesink, standard stuff for this car otherwise.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kyosho Sand Skipper (1982)

They made 3 different varieties of this, as shown in the ad, pretty rare as they hardly ever pop up on ebay, and this one is in near mint condition, but missing the body (either the hilux or 70's buggy). Great rare car to add to any collection.

Friday, September 18, 2009

RC10 Tube Chassis Part 1

I had cad drawings made up for the front and rear plates of a tube chassis i will be developing.. stay tuned for more news... getting them plasma cut out of steel asap.  Thanks for designing the cad drawing Robert!

Update: 9/25/09 - Got the peices back from the plasma cutter and they look great. Going ahead with my order!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

RC10: Andy's Conversion

Andy's was another one of those great companies that made great parts for the rc10, a true classic conversion.  though i dont remember too many people running the full conversion back in the day, the arms were always a huge hit.  This is a full full conversion, with all andy's parts.  While there were a few flavors from andy's, this is the molded chassis version with the shortened bullnose.  There was the full graphite chassis, truck version, longer shock towers, etc etc.

The body is also Painted by andy's, along with the body being a Andy's Commanche (i believe is the model).

Wheels are Proline Nickel Covers with Proline Champion Rears, Proline Fronts.  6 Gear Tranny has a full metal gear conversion inside (mean sound coming from inside of it, metal on metal), along with a black litespeed litesink heatsink for the motor plate, Original Gold shocks, and some early rear universals.

The white vinyl andy's logo and associated logo where vinyl cut white lettering by myself. The RCPS Sticker, Dirt burners sticker, Engineered MIP Sticker are the labels i sell on ebay.

RC10: Hot Trick Conversion

I always liked the Hot Trick parts and conversions, so I built this one peice by peice over time.  Parma Chenowth body, MIP transmission, reedy modified motor, TMS Aluminum wheels, ayk front tires, proline "wild one" rears, along with all parts dyed red that were right.

I am Looking for a "new" Rear Red Shock tower, along with a set of side rails (i have small holes in the "passenger side" rail, not too noticeable but would love to get some new ones, please contact me at if you have any for sale or see any on ebay

The 2 Black Hot trick labels (on roof and front fender section) are the repro labels I sell too, to give u a idea of what they look like.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Parma Sway Bar Kit: Restoration How-To Article.

well i have a bunch of random parma sway bar peices, along with a few NIP ones.. I couldnt bring myself to open a package of one for a shelf car and didnt want to use dirty ones on a new car... so i got to thinking.. gee these look like Dubro parts, and sure enough they all were.

The NIP kit comes with 2 prebent piano wires for roll bars, and small brass inserts that goes in between the rollbar and the aileron coupler peices. These can be picked up at any LHS from K&S Metal section. i found some that worked but didnt save the sizes. For like 10-12 bucks in parts, i was able to make them like new. All parts are available from tower hobbies.

Obviously they go together pretty easily, and ill leave it to you guys to figure out how to assemble the 5 peices.. But here are some pics and a parts list

1x - Part 602 - Kwik Links (12 in kit)
4x - Part 181 - Ball End and Cup (1 each in kit, need 4 of these total)
1x - Part 201 - 2-56 Small Turnbuckle Links (4 in kit)
2x - Part 103 - Aileron Assembly with couples (need 4 total, 2 in each kit)

The Brass Tube and Piano wire like i said can be bought easily.. ill post it up here if i find the info, but just bring a coupler from the aileron assemlby with you and see if it fits inside the plastic and metal part.

Ultima Front Axle Mod

Posted this on tamiyaclub a while ago.. Allows use of the modern RB5 Wheels on a classic ultima

Jammin Jay RC10 Replica Build

Ever Since reading and seeing that classic rc10 jammin jay ad, i always wanted this car... I finally have been able to make a replica of it.. Custom made roll cage, original RC10 6 gear.. missing the labels at this point but hoping to get some repros eventually. not much to look at without the decals but will update once i get them.

more build info here:

Hot Bodies RC10 Stealth Fighter Body

Got some paint laid down for a future rc10 project, more to follow once i build the car (or find the parts im looking for it)

Kyosho Turbo Ultima Gen 1 Cage

Another runner i threw together from some extra parts i had, missing the body but will be ordering and painting one soon, though i havent decided on a scheme yet. Used a original tranny, with the OT74/76 Final Pinion and Slipper, with new bearings and option house 48dp gearing. Another great classic by kyosho.