Monday, September 7, 2009

Parma Sway Bar Kit: Restoration How-To Article.

well i have a bunch of random parma sway bar peices, along with a few NIP ones.. I couldnt bring myself to open a package of one for a shelf car and didnt want to use dirty ones on a new car... so i got to thinking.. gee these look like Dubro parts, and sure enough they all were.

The NIP kit comes with 2 prebent piano wires for roll bars, and small brass inserts that goes in between the rollbar and the aileron coupler peices. These can be picked up at any LHS from K&S Metal section. i found some that worked but didnt save the sizes. For like 10-12 bucks in parts, i was able to make them like new. All parts are available from tower hobbies.

Obviously they go together pretty easily, and ill leave it to you guys to figure out how to assemble the 5 peices.. But here are some pics and a parts list

1x - Part 602 - Kwik Links (12 in kit)
4x - Part 181 - Ball End and Cup (1 each in kit, need 4 of these total)
1x - Part 201 - 2-56 Small Turnbuckle Links (4 in kit)
2x - Part 103 - Aileron Assembly with couples (need 4 total, 2 in each kit)

The Brass Tube and Piano wire like i said can be bought easily.. ill post it up here if i find the info, but just bring a coupler from the aileron assemlby with you and see if it fits inside the plastic and metal part.

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