Saturday, September 12, 2009

RC10: Andy's Conversion

Andy's was another one of those great companies that made great parts for the rc10, a true classic conversion.  though i dont remember too many people running the full conversion back in the day, the arms were always a huge hit.  This is a full full conversion, with all andy's parts.  While there were a few flavors from andy's, this is the molded chassis version with the shortened bullnose.  There was the full graphite chassis, truck version, longer shock towers, etc etc.

The body is also Painted by andy's, along with the body being a Andy's Commanche (i believe is the model).

Wheels are Proline Nickel Covers with Proline Champion Rears, Proline Fronts.  6 Gear Tranny has a full metal gear conversion inside (mean sound coming from inside of it, metal on metal), along with a black litespeed litesink heatsink for the motor plate, Original Gold shocks, and some early rear universals.

The white vinyl andy's logo and associated logo where vinyl cut white lettering by myself. The RCPS Sticker, Dirt burners sticker, Engineered MIP Sticker are the labels i sell on ebay.

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