Saturday, September 12, 2009

RC10: Hot Trick Conversion

I always liked the Hot Trick parts and conversions, so I built this one peice by peice over time.  Parma Chenowth body, MIP transmission, reedy modified motor, TMS Aluminum wheels, ayk front tires, proline "wild one" rears, along with all parts dyed red that were right.

I am Looking for a "new" Rear Red Shock tower, along with a set of side rails (i have small holes in the "passenger side" rail, not too noticeable but would love to get some new ones, please contact me at if you have any for sale or see any on ebay

The 2 Black Hot trick labels (on roof and front fender section) are the repro labels I sell too, to give u a idea of what they look like.


  1. Hi Mike-san
    This is yasuda.
    I'm living in Japan.
    You have great! and this chassis was very beautiful.

    I like hot trick version of all chassis.
    and I have ultima and hotshot chassis.
    but other chassis was very expensive(>_<)

    but My taiwanese friend was making red-shot project.

    He made a reprica of hot trick red shot version and TECNACRAFT wheel.

    only imformation.


  2. Hi Mike-san, thanks for sharing. This is really amazing. I just love hot trick version of all chassis, i was thinking to have such liek these. Can you please tell me how can i have such like these.
    Ben Linus,
    bestuurbare benzine auto